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General Rules

GamblingKingz.co.uk is a privately-owned, independent and 100% impartial online gambling guide, portal and directory, and to use it you must adhere to the following general rules:

  • GamblingKingz.co.uk is solely an online gambling information source and not an online gambling operator.
  • No information contained in GamblingKingz.co.uk is intended to be used for illegal or unlawful purposes.
  • GamblingKingz.co.uk is solely intended as an online gambling news, information and entertainment portal, and is in no way a legal guide or manual to gambling online.
  • GamblingKingz.co.uk accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any and all mistakes, inaccuracies or omissions that may be contained anywhere herein.
  • As a GamblingKingz.co.uk visitor, the onus is solely on you to determine whether you are legally allowed to gamble online in line with the online gambling laws that are applicable to your respective country, state, province, sovereignty or territory.
  • GamblingKingz.co.uk cannot be held responsible or liable for any losses and/or damages that may be incurred by making use of the content and/or third party links contained herein.
  • Any and all content and information contained on this site is subject to change at any time without prior notice and at the full discretion of GamblingKingz.co.uk.
  • Any and all proprietary information, content, images and graphics contained herein belongs solely to GamblingKingz.co.uk, while all trademarks belong solely to their respective owners.
  • Any and all information, content, images and graphics contained in this website are owned and copyrighted by GamblingKingz.co.uk and thus may not be copied, altered or transmitted without express permission.
  • If you identify any information on GamblingKingz.co.uk that is incorrect, erroneous or inaccurate, feel free to drop us a line at editor@gamblingkingz.co.uk.
  • GamblingKingz.co.uk reserves the right to turn down any and all requests to remove or amend any information, content, images or graphics contained herein unless said content expressly contravene international laws or is of an offensive, libellous or discriminatory nature.

GamblingKingz.co.uk User Review Posting Guidelines

If you would like to post something on the GamblingKingz.co.uk casino review pages, please take note of the following guidelines first to avoid any embarrassment down the line:

Make it All About You

GamblingKingz.co.uk is only interested in hearing about your own personal (first-hand) experience or observations – good, bad or indifferent – about a particular casino or set of casinos not someone else’s. So be sure to make it all about you.

Justify Your Complaints

Feel free to complain about any casino or set of casinos as you see fit, just as long as you can back up or substantiate your complaints with sound facts, proof and a reasonable argument. Ranting and raving just for the sake of it will not win you many fans.

Avoid Repeat Comments

To keep the GamblingKingz.co.uk review pages fresh, interesting and always moving forward, try to avoid posting multiple or repeat comments about the same complaint, topic or casino. Not only is this boring, but it can serve to obstruct new comments.

Always Use Spell Check

Nobody is expecting you to write like an English professor, but by running your post through a spell and grammar check before you submit it will give it far greater credibility, readability and gravitas, plus avoid the inevitable backlash from grammar Nazis.

Avoid Using Caps lock

Don’t ever use caps lock in your posts because it is the written equivalent of shouting and will serve little purpose other than to annoy and possibly even offend your fellow Forum users with their overly angry tone, whether you feel justified or not.

Conflict of interest

In the name of fairness, objectivity and honesty, we will not allow the posting of comments under a casino’s page by anyone directly or even indirectly connected to the casino, including players encouraged by the casino.

Keep Your Privacy Intact

GamblingKingz.co.uk can be viewed at any time by anyone browsing the site, so keep your private information just that, private. Don’t post any names, numbers, emails or credit card numbers or anything else online that could threaten your privacy.