Weekend Sports Events Attract Millions in Sports Bets

Weekend Sports Events Attract Millions in Sports Bets

The summer of 2018 is proving to be a particularly lucrative one for UK sports betting groups, with British bettors enjoying a feast of top notch sporting events.

From World Cup odds to horse racing markets, there is plenty for British sports fans to choose from at top online sports betting sites such as Ladbrokes this summer.

This weekend in particular has promised to be a bumper one for British sports betting, with Ladbrokes predicting that as much as £200 million could be spent by local punters this weekend.

Sports fans can enjoy betting on the World Cup, the Coral Eclipse Stakes, Wimbledon and the British Grand Prix, and it is no wonder that a British betting spree is being predicted.

In a press release, on Thursday, the head of Labrokes' head of racing, Nicola McGeady said: "The weekend’s sport could spark a £200 million betting spree across the industry. With so much happening, we could see record turnover."

Record Breaking World Cup Betting

This World Cup promises to be one of the biggest ever in sports betting history, and the Three Lions' win on Saturday has created even more hysteria.

It has been predicted that up to $2.5 billion could be wagered on the World Cup by British punters - a whopping 50% more than UK players bet during the Brazil event in 2014.

And it's not only in the UK the World Cup betting has reached record numbers. According to the French online gambling regulator, ARJEL, internet betting in the group states were double the figures in 2014. The regulator also revealed that the highest betting volume of the World Cup was on Switzerland versus Brazil. On that game alone, French punters spent €17 million - the second largest amount spent by France since the country opened up its online betting market in 2010.

Even China Betting Big on World Cup

While China doesn't have a representative team at this year's World Cup, it doesn't mean that the Asian superpower's population isn't going gaga with World Cup fever.

Bets in the first three weeks of the World Cup outstripped the entire 2014 tournament in Brazil, according to local analysts.

Technically, gambling is illegal in China, but it is allowed in the thousands of 'lottery shops' that dot the country. These shops are run by the country's Sports Administration, and the money earned is invested back into anything from training future athletes to financing sports stadiums.

The World Cup has even inspired those who don't usually bet to place a wager on the event's outcome.

Since the results of this year's World Cup have been surprising so far, many gamblers in China - as around the rest of the world - have seen some upsets. One example of a major upset was the German team's failure to move beyond the group stage - the first time this has happened since 1938.

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England Second Favorite to Win

After Team England sailed through to the semi-finals of the World Cup today, the team has become the second-favorite to win the tournament outright, behind France who are the bookie's favorites.

The final of the World cup is scheduled for next Sunday, July 15th at the Luzhniki stadium.

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