Bet on the UK's Next Prime Minister

Bet on the UK's Next Prime Minister

If you fancy yourself a political pro and feel like you could make good predictions about the future of UK politics, then it's time to put your money where your mouth is.

With UK politics so much in the news now, especially with a leadership challenge on the horizon, there has never been a better time than to wager at your favorite sports betting site.

Online betting sites such as Ladbrokes have rolled out several markets relating to UK politics, including the big question on everyone's lips: Who will be the next UK Prime Minister?

Now, with the latest developments in UK politics, which saw David Davis and Boris Johnson quit Cabinet, that question seems to more relevant than ever before.

Trouble in the House of May

The shock resignations of her Foreign Secretary and Brexit Secretary leave current Prime Minister Theresa May in a vulnerable position.

David Davis told May recently that he disagreed with her politics on exiting the European Union, and said that it would put the country in what he termed "a week negotiating position."

TheĀ Financial TimesĀ commented that "Davis insisted he was not urging fellow ministers to resign and that Mrs May was a 'good prime minister', but Downing Street is on alert for any signs of the start of a concerted push to destabilize her."

A little while after the Brexit Secretary stepped down, Boris Johnson followed Davis' lead.

As such, political analysts believe that a leadership challenge is on the cards.

Odds on the New PM

Take a look at the odds being offered by online sports betting site, Ladbrokes on the Next Prime Minister to succeed Theresa May.

Jeremy Corby and Sajid Javid share top spot at 5/1 to be the next PM.

To see the current Prime Minister fall, 48 MP signatures are needed which will trigger a vote of no confidence. Thereafter 159 Tory MPS need to support the rebel vote.

Political analysts believe that May won't last until the end of the year.

Next Prime Minister Odds at Ladbrokes:

Jeremy Corbyn, Sajid Javid - 5/1

Jacob Rees-Mogg - 11/2

Michael Gove - 6/1

Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt - 10/1

Andrea Leadsom - 12/1

Dominic Raab - 16/1

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UK Politics Betting Markets

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  • The next House of Commons speaker
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  • The next Prime Minister
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  • 2020 London Mayoral Election
  • The Irish Referendum
  • The next General Election
  • The next Lib Dem Leader

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