GamCare Receives Funds Boost from GambleAware

GamCare Receives Funds Boost from GambleAware

Problem gambling funding got a boost this week after a new agreement was signed between two UK support groups. The gambling industry backed UK charity, GambleAware agreed to channel more funds to GamCare and, as such, help support the National Gambling Helpline. The new three year agreement will run until 2021, according to a statement issued.

GambleAware will provide GamCare with £14 million over the three year period, so which will used, among other things, to help fund that National Gambling Helpline. The money will also fund the national network of treatment centers that service adults who are problem gamblers.

Four Pronged Support Plan

GambleAware's increase in funding to GamCare will cover four important areas, which will make a difference to the care and support that problem gamblers receive in the UK.

The money will maintain the National Gambling Helpline; develop a national network of talking therapies for adults; improve online access to consumer support and, finally, enhance the efficiency of GamCare on gambling harm treatment as well as intervention.

Problem Gambling Addressed

The chair of GambleAwaree, Kate Lampbard spoke about the increased funding to GamCare.

"GambleAware is pleased to make this renewed three year commitment to GamCare," said Lampbard. "The fact that less than 2% of 'problem gamblers' were receiving treatment represents a significant gap in the provision of specialist services. Our goal is to close the gap between the number of those getting treatment and those who need it by increasing the range, quality and quantity of early interventions and treatment by helping people to avoid gambling problems in the first place."

GamCare Welcomes Extended Agreement

In the meantime, the extension of the agreement was welcomed by GamCare with open arms. The group's chair, Sir Ian Prosser said that GamCare was "delighted" to have signed the new grant agreement with GambleAware. He explained that the extra money would enable GamCare to help more people to recover from problem gambling, and would also help those who are affected by the gambling of a family member or friend.

Sir Prosser added that the grant would be used to further develop GamCare's range of services and to deliver a new model of care, "so that individuals get help which is tailored to their needs."

GamCare said that the assurance of a three year agreement gives the group the certainty about funding, which means that it can push forward with its plans to develop and deliver an integrated treatment, "which people rightly expect."

GambleAware Public Awareness Campaign

In February this year, GambleAware launched a search for a creative agency to support its new public awareness campaign. The £7 million campaign focused on low level gamblers who may be at risk of developing problematic gambling habits. The campaign will begin this summer and will run for two years or so.

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