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Les Ambassadeurs Club is an exclusive casino in Mayfair, London, with immense history behind it. It offers high quality gaming to an elite clientele. Fondly referred to as 'Les A', it was owned at one time by the Conyngham family and Leopold de Rothschild, the son of Baron Lionel de Rothschild. It has been hosting the rich and the famous from around the world - aristocrats, diplomats and celebrities - since the 19th century. The club was re-opened in 1991 and is today a major landmark in London.

Run by John Mills until 1981, Les Ambassadeurs Club was bought by London Clubs International (LCI) in 1991, which was part of Caesars Entertainment Corporation. Bluestream Holdings Limited bought it in 2006 from LCI. It was acquired by Landing International Development in 2016.

The Club is based out of Hamilton Place and has a lot going for it, starting with a magnificent library, solid oak staircases, a one-of-a-kind smoking garden, a gaming floor and private gaming rooms and a fantastic restaurant. There are all the traditional casino games and a great team of casino staff to cater to the customers. With the casino catering to the world's rich and famous, it is no wonder the effort is to go all out when it comes to offering privileges to club members. The privileges include:

  • Branded private boxes at some of the most well-known sporting events and stadiums in the UK, including the O2, Wembley, Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Leicester City FC and Ascot.
  • Private jet transfers to and from the Club; this includes national and international transfers and also from local helipad points.
  • Exclusive room rates at some of the best hotels in London.
  • Reservations for premieres of reputed events and also for seats at some of the most exclusive restaurants in London.

Les Ambassadeurs Club is a wholly owned subsidiary of Landing International Development Limited, a business house that is listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It is licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Games at Les Ambassadeurs Club

The gaming floor in Les Ambassadeurs Club is considered among the most elegant, sophisticated and modern in London. It is stylish and well-designed and provides the perfect ambience for an evening of high stakes gambling. There are a range of traditional casino games at the Club's gaming floor and only members are allowed into this area.

Apart from the gaming floor the Club has the unique smoking garden, which is London's largest outdoor gaming area. The garden has underfloor heating, marbleclad bathrooms, state-of-the-art HD screens and a shower room. This is a smoking bar and cigar lounge-garden where you get some of the finest cigars. You can sit in the garden and play your favourite casino game at 6 covered tables. The games available here include:

  • Blackjack
  • Electronic Roulette
  • Texas Hold'em

All other traditional casino games are available as well. Apart from the smoking garden the casino also has private gaming rooms. These include:

  • The Marble Room: An exclusive private suite that has a renowned Renaissance fresco.
  • The Gold Room: A private playing room with gold and oriental inspired decor
  • The Leopold Room: A private gaming room named in honor of Leopold de Rothschild.
  • The Penthouse Rooms and Terrace: Two special gaming rooms that are recently opened penthouse rooms.

Live Table Games at Les Ambassadeurs Club

The luxury main gaming floor at Les Ambassadeurs Club is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It has 16 tables where some of the most experienced dealers and croupiers in the country run a range of live table games including:

  • Blackjack
  • Three Card Poker
  • Baccarat
  • American Roulette

Typically, blackjack bets start with a minimum of £10 and go up to a maximum of £10,000 and the same kind of bets apply to the baccarat games as well. Minimum bets for American roulette are £5 while the maximum can be as high as £5,000. The games can be played for high stakes as well and players have the option of raising the stakes if they want. To do that they need to communicated with the casino staff and administration.

Slots and Electronic Roulette at Les Ambassadeurs Club

You get a decent number of electronic roulette games at Les Ambassadeurs Club. The terminals are available specifically at the smoking garden only. These games also come with a wide bet limit.

Poker at Les Ambassadeurs Club

Players can play high stakes Texas Hold'em at the smoking garden, which is the outdoor gaming area of Les Ambassadeurs Club.

Restaurant and Bar at Les Ambassadeurs Club

Les Ambassadeurs Club has a new restaurant in place thanks to extensive refurbishment carried out by Tully Filmer. The restaurant has an exquisitely opulent feel about it, with d├ęcor including a Dolomita white marble floor, wall scones and chandeliers, wood panels and more. This is the one part of the Club that non-members are allowed entry to, so you may find a bit of a crowd during the lunch hours.

The restaurant offers delectable fare in the form of delicious Continental, Arabian, Chinese and Indian cuisine. There are mouth-watering desserts in the form of pastries too. There are fine spirits available as well, including champagne, a range of high quality wines, cocktails and more. An extension of the restaurant is the terrace, providing members with an outdoor dining option as well.

Dress Code at Les Ambassadeurs Club

Les Ambassadeurs Club has a very official dress code keeping in mind the kind of customers it offers its games and services to. Men should wear a dress shirt and jacket, while women are expected to be attired in formal dresses or any other attire of that level of sophistication and glamour.

Minimum Age/Entrance Fee/Payment Options at Les Ambassadeurs Club

Les Ambassadeurs Club is open only to customers who are above 18 years of age. This is an exclusive club so membership is compulsory if you want to play here. For permanent membership you need to fill out the form provided and submit it to a committee for its approval. The casino also offers trial membership for a week. Now there is also a premium membership that costs £25,000.00 per annum.

All payments at the casino can be made in in Euros (€) or Pounds (£), and there are a number of foreign currencies as well that the casino supports. Players can make payments using their credit or debit cards.

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