Slots are the most popular games at online casinos. They look great, do not require any specific skill, come with cool features, bonus rounds and even jackpots and are fast-paced. Their popularity has fueled huge demand and software providers have only been too happy to fulfill these demands, leading to an explosion in the number of online slots available. helps you explore the wonderful world of slot games, casinos that offer them, bonuses and free spins.

Good to know: Unless stated otherwise, just about every casino bonuses allows slot play, with a 100% contribution towards the wagering requirement.

The Best Slots Casinos and Bonuses

The table below lists top UK slots casinos and bonuses.

All Bonuses: New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly -

32Red Casino

£10 No Deposit

Casino Action

Up to £1250 over 5 deposits

Ladbrokes Casino

Up to £1500 over 3 deposits

Mr Green Casino

100% up to £100

Mansion Casino

100% up to £500

20 Free Spins

Hippodrome Casino

Up to £1000 over 3 deposits

21 Casino

21 Free Spins

888 Casino

£20 and 14 days of Free Play

Types of online slot machines

There are a large number of online slots today. You can categorise them on the basis of:

  • Themes
  • Number of reels
  • Jackpots
  • Coin size

The following are the major types of online slots you get at the online casinos:

Branded Slots

Slots providers create branded slots by collaborating with reputed brands from different streams of business, including Hollywood and the world of comic books. Players are thus able to play slots featuring their favourite superhero or movie character.

The following are 4 major software providers who have inked branding deals with some of the most well-known names in the comic-book and entertainment industry.

Online Slots Providers

Every major software provider – from old hands like Microgaming to the new crop of developers – today each has a bank of high quality slots.

Below we provide you with a brief overview of the major players. You can categorise slots developers into 3 types primarily:

  • Traditional land-based slots manufacturers
  • Online casino pioneers
  • Niche developers

Slots FAQs

How do online and land-based slots compare?

Land-based slots have been around for much longer than online slots. Online slots offer many benefits but there is one big thing missing – the human element. That is why land-based slots are still popular. Of course online slots have their own benefits:

  • The comfort of playing from home at casinos outside your city.
  • Incredible bonuses and promotions.
  • Frequent and higher payouts.
  • Bigger progressive jackpots.

Where and when did online slots start?

The first slot was the Liberty Bell, created by Charles Fey in 1887. Next came video poker, followed by the invention of the next slot machines with the classic fruit symbol by the Bell Fruit Gum Company.

Electromechanical slots first came in the 1960s, and were replaced by the electronic machines in the 1980s. The random number generator was the next big thing and led to the birth of the progressive jackpot. Online slots came in the 1990s and now in the 21st century we have mobile slots.

Are there any important rules for playing online slots?

Technically, there are not too many rules that govern slots play. There are rules that govern how wins are determined; for instance most slots allow wins only on symbol combinations across the reels from left to right. There are also rules governing the game features but these are more guidelines than rules.

Is there any optimal strategy to maximise your win potential when playing online slots?

There is no particular strategy to win at slots; it is a game of chance. However, a few things can help minimise your loss frequency:

  • Choosing the right game.
  • Understanding the payout tables.
  • Efficient bankroll management.
  • Avoiding credit-based play.
  • Playing with restraint.
  • Knowing when to walk away.

Which is the best option – download or no-download slots?

Both the options have their own merits, but the world is rapidly moving away from the download option. Platforms like Microgaming continue to offer games in both download and no-download modes, but technology has evolved and the no-download option is being offered exclusively.

The best option today is the hybrid casino, where you get the multiplatform option. Multiplatform casinos are rapidly gaining in popularity because they offer games from all the leading software providers together, giving you a wider range of the best games to choose from.

Mobile vs Online Slots – what do I need to know about playing on my smartphone or tablet?

Now you can play slots directly from your mobile device on the go. This is a huge advantage over online slots, where you can access the games only from your computer or laptop, from a designated location.

The game range is still high in online slots but the mobile casino industry is catching up. Microgaming for instance offers more than 350 of its games on the mobile platform. The quality of slots is still high and payment and customer support is the same as at an online casino.

What is the Return to Player (RTP) Percentage or House Edge?

The RTP is the amount of money a player can expect to win back from the total amount wagered on a slot. It is described as a percentage value and is directly related to the house edge. The higher the RTP, the lower the house edge. For instance, if a game has a RTP value of 95% the house edge will be 5%.