Scratch Cards

The online casino has changed the way people gamble; you can play all the games that you get at a traditional land-based casino right from the comfort of your home on your computer in a completely secure environment. The mobile casino has taken things a step further, allowing you to play these games on the go from your tablet or smartphone. One game that has joined the bandwagon of regular land-based casino games in the online casino in recent years is the scratch card.

You get a range of scratch cards to play when you sign up with one of the top UK online casinos. The games are fun and wide ranging, from regular scratch card games to theme-based games and games based on Marvel comic icons and Hollywood blockbusters. The fun factor is complemented by the opportunity to win money and also the bonuses on offer.

Why Scratch Cards are So Popular

Scratch cards started making an appearance at online casinos just a few years back. In this short span of time they are becoming one of the most popular games among players. There are a number of reasons for this instant popularity.

  • They are quick and easy to play.
  • They look catchy, with high quality graphics and animations backed by amazing sound.
  • They are not skill-based games; all you need is a healthy dose of luck.
  • They have the potential to win you big and lucrative prizes in an instant.
  • They come with cool bonuses when you are in real money play mode.
  • There are exciting and very imaginative bonus games that can be triggered. This means great gaming and a shot at more wins.
  • Sometimes they are themselves available as part of the bonus package, for instance the free scratch cards and no deposit scratch cards.

The look and feel is one aspect of scratch cards that gets players; there are many of them that come with wacky themes and equally wacky graphics. This is thanks to the designer having the freedom to explore his creative side and put out images that are fun without being obnoxious. Classic examples from recent times include Hairy Fairies and Golden Ghouls.

Free Scratch Cards and No Deposit Scratch Cards

You get different kinds of welcome bonuses at online casinos, some of which involve scratch cards. The two main bonuses involving scratch cards are:

  • Free scratch cards: You deposit funds into your account and the casino or website gives you a specific number of free scratch cards to play. This offer is usually offered in combination with a match bonus. For instance a casino may offer you a 100% welcome bonus up to £100 and 150 free scratch cards on your first 3 deposits.
  • No deposit scratch cards: No deposit scratch cards, as the term suggests, are available as part of a no deposit bonus. You have to sign up with the casino to get them; they are yours to use even before you deposit funds into your account. For instance, a casino may offer 25 no deposit scratch card games for you to play and anything you win is yours.

Both free scratch cards and no deposit scratch card offers come with their own terms and conditions. You have to fulfill these conditions to be able to use the bonuses properly and redeem any winnings from them.

Online Scratch Card Instant Jackpots

Scratch cards have the potential to win you some real big money, one of the main reasons for their popularity. The addition of the lure of million-pound jackpots to the fun of scratch card play has taken this game to another level. There are a number of online casinos and websites that offer these huge jackpots.

The best part is the ease and low cost involved in winning them. A minimum investment of a pound or two may be all that you need to trigger that life-changing jackpot win!

Our Featured Scratch Card Casinos

We at believe in making the task of finding the right scratch card casino a walk in the park for you. That is why our team has gone through an extensive range of these casinos and put together a list of the top UK scratch card casinos. All you have to do is pick the one you like, sign up and deposit funds, and scratch for a taste of quality gaming and rewards.

Top Scratch Card Casinos by Software

The ease of play and instant popularity that scratch card games have enjoyed over the years has resulted in a large number of casino software providers incorporating these amazing games into their game offering. Finding the best games from the top providers can be quite a challenge. That is why we have reviewed and listed out for you the best scratch card software providers and some of the top casinos where you get to play their games.

Top Scratch Card Games

The following is a list of some of the best scratch card games available at some of the top online casinos in the UK.

Bingo Scratch Cards

Bingo scratch card games combine the instant gratification of scratch games with the fun of bingo games, and typically use a 75 number bingo card as background.

Casino Scratch Cards

These games combine a scratch card game with a traditional casino game, for example roulette where certain numbers will present a scratch card bonus game.

Jackpot Scratch Cards

A comparison of Jackpot Scratch Cards. As the name suggest, these games have an added jackpot combination and some of these are huge.

Lottery Scratch Cards

Lottery Scratch Cards combine scratch cards with huge lottery style prizes. The winning numbers could be hidden on your scratch card and you could win a Million.

How to Play Scratch Cards

As mentioned earlier, online scratch cards are just like the ones you originally got at land-based casinos. There are just a few basic differences:

  • Online scratch cards are virtual while land-based casino scratch cards are actual cards with symbols that are masked.
  • You use the mouse to click on the different parts of the card to reveal the symbols while playing scratch cards online; at the land-based casino you would use a coin, a pen, or any such sharp object.

Playing online scratch cards is easy:

  • Open an account at the casino/scratch card website.
  • Provide the required personal details.
  • Deposit funds into your account.
  • Choose the game you want to play.
  • Use the mouse button to click and uncover the symbols on the card.
  • Your payout depends on the symbols and their combinations you get.

You get multiple scratch card games to choose from at these scratch card casinos; at some casinos you get more than 30 games. The games vary in terms of size, design, graphics, themes, prizes, and more. You get these games for free play as well as real money play. All the top software providers have their own set of scratch card games:

Some Basic UK Scratch Card FAQs

Are online and real paper scratch card games the same?

Online scratch card games are the same as real paper scratch card games in principle. However, there are very fundamental differences - online scratch cards are virtual and computer-generated. You use the mouse to uncover the symbols while in the real paper version you use a coin or any other sharp object. Online scratch cards also come with cool bonuses and bonus games built into them.

How do I know that scratch cards online are not rigged?

Online scratch card games are not rigged. All the online casinos that we feature on our site use RNGs that are certified for fair play and randomness.

Are scratch cards better than lottery?

Scratch cards are considered better than the lottery for quite a few reasons. For one, there are tons of games to choose from when you visit a scratch card casino. All these games look great and have great bonuses you can use, including bonus games. And most importantly, the ratio in terms of the number of times you could win at scratch cards is simply higher than it is with the lottery.

Is playing scratch cards in the UK worth it?

If you are a player from the UK scratch cards are a good option to try. They are fast-paced and do not require skill; all you need is luck. There are a large number of casinos offering scratch cards in the UK and they come with cool bonuses. You also are able to pay in GBPs using some of the popular payment methods.

Which scratch cards pay out the most?

There are scratch card games that are low priced and also those that are priced slightly higher. The lower priced games will obviously pay out less though you could make up some of the losses in terms of the frequency of wins. The higher value scratch card games do not payout as regularly as the lower value ones but they have higher payouts.

The biggest payouts therefore would be the jackpot games, but you could also win consistently with higher value cards and try and even out the spread.

How do I win with scratchcards?

Winning with scratchcards is easy - you select the right game as per your requirements and then reveal the symbols on the card. The payout depends on the symbol combinations you get.

How are scratch card odds calculated?

Most online scratch card casinos list out the odds for the different games they showcase. They calculate the odds based on the price of the wager and also the amount available as prize money. You do not need to calculate all of this as most of the data is already available to you.