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Gambling has been around for centuries now. In England itself, jousting events in the 11th century had betting going on along the sidelines. One of the first regulated gambling activities here in the 20th and 21st centuries began with the arrival of the land-based casinos in England and UK. This was the precursor to the online casino. Even though the online casino industry and now the mobile casino industry have expanded into huge global business, the land-based casino industry continues to thrive.

We at bring to you the latest information, updates, and reviews of the top land-based casinos operating in the UK. We have also compiled for you a list of UK land casinos, the cream of the crop actually. All the casinos on our list are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and follow the rules laid down for all forms of gambling in the UK.

Some Interesting Facts about UK Land-Based Casinos

Here are some interesting facts about land-based casinos in the UK. Read on to know the number of casinos here, and the top casinos in London.

The different areas of UK where you find land-based casinos include:

Land Casinos by UK Region
  • There are 147 casinos in the UK as of September 2015.
  • There are also 2 poker rooms.
  • The overall attendance at casinos in the UK between October 2014 and September 2015 was 20.44 million.
  • The Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) as of September 2015 was £12.6 billion.
  • The GGY of the casino sector alone till the above date was over £993 million.
  • The market share of the casino industry in the UK in terms of GGY was 8% till September 2015.
  • As of September 2015, the total number of gaming machines in Britain is 171,134.
  • In recent times, there have been a few super-casinos in London. These have been huge successes because of their size and range of games and related features. These include casinos like The Aspers casino, which is said to be the biggest land-based casino in London.
  • London has more than 30 casinos. Apart from The Aspers, there are other popular casinos like Hippodrome and Maxims Casino Club.
  • Between April and May 2014 players placed bets to the tune of £2,368,814,276. The winnings generated from these bets amounted to £366,585,181.

Land-Based Casinos By Major UK City

Find the nearest land-based casino to where you live with our handy guide:

Birmingham Casinos

Birmingham hosts internationally recognised and renowned casinos 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Bradford Casinos

Two casinos nestled amongst all the art and culture exuding from the area of Bradford.

Bristol Casinos

The finest upscale land-based casinos can be found in Bristol and its surrounding areas.

Edinburgh Casinos

Edinburgh offers you seven of the most scintillating and progressive casinos in the area.

Leeds Casinos

All the great giants in the casino industry are all represent here in Leeds.

Liverpool Casinos

Liverpool is now home to some of the finest and most prestigious casinos offered in England.

Manchester Casinos

Rub shoulders with the Manchester United Soccer players in the excellent casinos on offer here.

Gaming Groups and Operators

The different major casinos and casino groups in the UK include:

  • The Rank Group
  • Genting Casinos
  • Caesars Entertainment
  • Gala Coral Group
  • London Clubs International/Harrah’s Entertainment
  • Aspers Group
  • The Clermont Club – GuocoLeisure Ltd
  • The Ritz Club
  • Les Ambasseuders
  • A&S Leisure Group
  • Ballard Casinos
  • Les Croupiers
  • Opera House
  • The Broadway Casino
  • Soul Casino
  • The Corinthian Club

Dive into more detail by reading about the following casino groups in the UK:

A & S Leisure Group

A&S Leisure Group is a privately-owned family business with its roots firmly based in working-class Sheffield. They operate greyhound tracks as well as the renowned Napoleons Casinos, and have been in business for over three decades catering to the sort of blokes who were in The Full Monty.

Gala Coral Group

The Gala Coral Group continues to grow, expanding their operations in Europe (specifically Italy) as well as in online gambling. They operate over 1600 licensed betting offices, many bingo clubs, and a number of land-based casinos throughout the UK.

Genting Casinos

Genting Casinos is a massive player in the international casino and entertainment industry. Headquartered and publicly traded in Malaysia, Genting owns everything from old exclusive casinos like Crockfords to the biggest hotel in the world, The First World.

Grosvenor Casino Group

Grosvenor Casinos is a company in the Rank Group and control 37 land-based Casinos. Of these 37 casinos, 35 are based in Britain and the remaining 2 in Belgium.

London Clubs International

London Clubs International, also known as LCI, operates many casinos in the United Kingdom as well as a couple in Africa (one in Egypt and one in South Africa). The company is now a subsidiary of Harrah's, the American gaming behemoth.

Some of the top land-based casinos in London for players in recent times include:

  • Hippodrome casino: This was voted the best casino in London and is spread across 3 floors.
  • The Aspers casino: This is one of the biggest in London.
  • Clermont Club: This is an exclusive top-notch casino in London that offers a superb members-only experience.

UK Land-Based Casino Regulation

The authority that oversees land-based gambling in the UK is the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). The UKGC was established back in 2005 with the passage of the Gambling Act that year. It is an independent non-departmental public body that is sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS). As of March 2016, the UKGC had a staff of over 290 employees and was based out of Birmingham as the base.

One of the vital pieces of legislation enacted was related to the point-of-consumption. This came into force in November and was responsible for regulating the entire gambling market in the UK. The UKGC regulates the different forms of gambling prevalent in the UK including, apart from land-based casino gambling:

  • Arcades
  • Betting
  • Bingo
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of gaming machines
  • Gambling software providers
  • Lotteries
  • Remote or online gambling operators
  • The National Lottery

The only gambling activity it does not regulate is spread betting, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The main functions of the UKGC, apart from regulating land-based casino gambling, include:

  • Ensuring fair, open, and crime-free gambling.
  • Protecting children from getting into gambling.
  • Advising the central and local governments on the impact gambling has.
  • Advising the central and local governments on ways and means to regulate gambling.
  • Ensuring complete accountability among operators by getting them to meet the licensing standards set.
  • Licensing operators as well as individuals who provide the different gambling-related facilities and activities listed above, including casinos, arcades, etc.
  • Ensuring maximization of returns of the National Lottery to good causes.

The UKGC does not do the following:

  • Directly resolve consumer complaints.
  • Give legal advice for developing business models or ideas.

Regulation by the UKGC is enabled by its collaboration with:

  • Licensing authorities
  • Organizations like the police and HM Revenue and Customs

British Casino Regulation and Bodies

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Gamblers Anonymous

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