Casino Games

Casino games or games of chance have been part of the world since the times of the ancient Chinese and Roman civilizations.

  • The first slot machine - the Liberty Bell - was invented by Charles Fey in the 1890s in California.
  • Video poker followed the slot machine, while card games existed in different forms for centuries.
  • The French are credited with putting together the first modern card games in the 14th century.
  • Craps came from Egypt while roulette came through thanks to Blaise Pascal, the mathematician.

Since the first online casino was launched in 1994 by Microgaming, the online casino industry has burgeoned into a multi-billion industry.

  • Today there are over 125 online casino software providers.
  • Microgaming has the largest collection of online casino games, over 800 of them.
  • There are literally thousands of games to choose from on the whole; this becomes evident at casinos that use aggregator platforms and showcase games from multiple providers together.

Our endeavor at is to provide you with up-to-date information on the different types of online casino games: free casino games as well as real money play casino games. We have a database of articles for each game and are continuously adding to it to ensure you have a sizeable quantity of high quality information to browse through when it comes to casino games.

Hybrid Casino Games Platforms and the Benefits for Players

Right from the beginning online casino operators have used software from specific providers to power their casinos. Today the new trend is the hybrid casino games platform. Hybrid casino games platforms are more like aggregator platforms. They aggregate games from different top-notch software providers and provide them all for the casino operators to use.

Hybrid casino games platforms provide significant benefits to players.

  • Wider range of games: The range of games is huge when you play at an online casino using a hybrid casino gaming platform.
  • One point access to games from multiple providers: You can play games from the different providers at one casino, without having to move around from casino to casino.
  • No download mode only: This makes playing the games faster and easier as there is no hassle of downloading the games to your computer and using up memory space. Game updates also happen automatically on the site.
  • Faster payout times: Payouts at these casinos are faster because they reduce or remove the pending period to speed up the payment process and make it more player-friendly. Of course, this means your withdrawal request gets processed instantly; you do not have the luxury of time to reverse a withdrawal request any more.

Popular UK Online Casino Games

Slots are considered the most popular of all gambling games at online as well as land-based casinos in the UK and across the world. The numbers speak for themselves; in the game range of all casino software providers the largest number of games are slots. Microgaming is a classic example: of the 850+ games on offer a huge number are slots. The reasons for the popularity of slots are many:

  • They are not skill-based; you can have fun and need a little bit of luck to be able to pick up wins. And if Lady Luck is right by your side you may end up with a massive win as well!
  • They all look great and come with fantastic graphics and animations backed by excellent sound effects. Some casinos even have 3D graphics on their slots.
  • They are easy to play and not long-drawn. You click on the game, place your bets, hit the Spin button; that is about it. If you are lucky you hit a winning combination or get a bonus round, else you lose.
  • They have built-in features like free spins and bonus rounds that increase the level of excitement when you play and also give you a shot at more wins.

Among card games the most popular is blackjack.

  • This game is skill-based and is fascinating to play.
  • The winning possibilities are many and the game is fast-paced.
  • You play against the dealer and not against fellow players.

Other popular online casino games in the UK include video poker, roulette, scratch cards, baccarat, and online table poker.

The Importance of the Return to Player (RTP) Percentages

One of the most critical indicators that can help you choose which game you want to play at an online casino in the UK is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage. The RTP is a percentile value that lets you know how much you can expect to win back for every pound you spend while playing a specific online casino game.

There are a number of things that you can know about a game from its RTP percentage:

  • The amount you can approximately expect to win back for every pound spent on a game.
  • The amount the casino is making off your deposits and wagers for a specific game.
  • The house edge that the casino has for a specific game. The house edge is inversely proportional to the RTP; the higher the RTP the lower the house edge and vice versa.

So, if you have a game with a 100% RTP it means you have the same chances of winning as the casino. If the RTP value is, say, 97%, it means you get back £97 for every £100 you spend; the casino makes the remaining £3. Knowing this makes it easy for you to pick a game to play; you would logically play a game with a higher RTP value. You can use the following formula to calculate the RTP for a game:

RTP = Total amount won on a game from the casino/Total amount wagered on the game

We use two games as examples to illustrate the RTP value and its use:

  • Jackpot 6000: This 3 reels and 5 paylines slot from NetEnt has a high RTP value of 98.9%. That automatically makes it a game that you would want to play given that you can win back £98.8 for every £100 you wager on the game.
  • Treasure Nile: This is a progressive slot from Microgaming that has 5 reels and 9 paylines. The RTP value for this game is quite low, at 92.11%. This is one game you would want to stay away from given the low RTP value, even though it is a progressive slot.

Types of UK Online Casino Games

There are different kinds of games you get to play at UK online casinos. In this section we have compiled for you information on all these games. The games are listed out below. All you have to do is click a particular game to know more about it.

When you click on a game on this page you get:

  • A brief introduction to the game
  • A list of the top UK online casinos offering this game
  • More information about different aspects of the game
  • A knowledge database in the form of articles about different aspects related to the game in different categories including, among others:
    • Background
    • Bets and odds
    • Hand ranks
    • Rules
    • Strategy
    • Glossary

Online Casino Game Guides

Some FAQs about Online Casino Games

Which is the online casino game with the best odds/RTP value?

The online casino game with the best odds or RTP value would be slots. There are of course variations in the RTP values of the different slots. One of the slots with among the highest RTP values is Ooh Aah Dracula by Barcrest Gaming at 99%. Other games with high RTP values include:

  • Tropic Reels by Playtech also at 99%
  • Jackpot 6000 from NetEnt at 98.9%
  • Blood Suckers from NetEnt at 97.6%

Which is the online casino game with the worst odds/RTP value?

There are quite a few slots that have among the worst odds in terms of RTP percentages. One game with one of the lowest RTP values is the Relic Raiders slot from NetEnt with a RTP value of 90%. A few other such games include:

  • Fruit slots from Microgaming with a RTP value of 92.87%
  • Super Lucky Frog from NetEnt with a RTP value of 93%
  • Icy Wonders from NetEnt with a RTP value of 93.2%

Are online casino games legal?

Online casino games are legitimate; the casinos themselves are licensed by recognized licensing jurisdictions across the world. The casinos open to UK players also have to be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and have to follow the rules laid down by this body.

Can you cheat online casino games?

Theoretically you can cheat at online casino games. There are different ways to do it, including:

  • Cloning accounts
  • Withdrawing bonus money by skirting the terms and conditions like wagering requirements
  • Card counting
  • Player collusion

However, online casinos nowadays have stringent methods in place to check player fraud. They also levy different kinds of penalties if you are caught trying to cheat. These include:

  • Forfeiture of your bonus and winnings from it
  • Labeling as bonus abuser
  • Suspension or termination of your account

Which software provider makes the best online casino games?

It is difficult to specifically pin down one software provider as the maker of the best online casino games. The following are a few:

  • Microgaming: It has been providing high quality games since it launched in 1994.
  • NetEnt: It is known for its innovative approach to game development.
  • Playtech: It is known for its amazing Marvel and Hollywood slots.
  • BetSoft Gaming: This is another provider that is known for its high quality 3D slots.